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The links below will take the reader to the various parts of a study on the timing of the fulfillment of prophetic events.  While I  am extremely interested in the timing of the rapture, there are other events scheduled which should be of extreme interest to the reader, and some of those events are also addressed herein.  The parts dealing with the Jewish calendar and God's schedule of events should also be of interest for those who are counting the days post-rapture.  It would seem to me, living pre-rapture, that those who are not removed in that event will be most interested in exactly what will have occurred.  It is assumed that the reader will look up scriptures that are mentioned, but not fully developed, in the work.

1. Introduction - the blessed hope


2. The Rapture - a definition


3. Does God Give Us Certain Information?


4. The Chronology


5. God’s Programs


6. II Thessalonians 2


7. Imminency of the Rapture


8. Why Some Believe No One Can Know


9. Why We Can Know


10. God’s Schedule of Events


11. Pentecost


12. The Feast of Trumpets


13. Hanukah


14. Judgment of Christians


15. A Day With the Lord...


16. This Generation


17. The 360 Day ‘Prophetic Year'


18. The Jewish Calendar Discrepancy


19. How Many Days?


20. A Short History


21. When is He Coming?




Search the Bible:

Examples: Psalm 27; John 15
love one another; Psalm 23


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I encourage the reader to be a Berean and search the scriptures for himself to see if these things be so.