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These articles address the timing and chronology of events prophesied in scripture, particularly the rapture of the church. Key to the material and ideas presented here is the fact that no scripture can contradict any other scripture, nor can any logic or extra-biblical material be used that contradicts any scripture. If this should occur at any point in this website, the author would appreciate having that information pointed out. I am interested in truth, not in elevation of self.

As time passes and events occur, it becomes possible to more accurately assign still future events to their proper sequential placement. At this time I understand the sequence of key end-time events to be as follows:

1. finalization of a seven year (peace) covenant between Israel and others (interchangeable with #2);

2. resurrection/rapture - the removal of the body of Christ from the earth (interchangeable with #1);

3. revelation of antichrist when he confirms the above mentioned covenant at the beginning of the day of the Lord;

4. midpoint of seven years to be marked by the abomination of desolation and other key events;

5. second advent of Jesus during Armageddon, jailing of Satan in the abyss;

6. millennial reign of Jesus on earth;

7. release of Satan for a little season;

8. final rebellion at the end of the millennium;

9. destruction of present heaven (atmosphere and outer space area) and earth - this may be the same event as the fire that comes down from heaven during the final attack on Jerusalem;

10. casting of Satan into the lake of fire;

11. resurrection of the unjust dead and the white throne judgment;

12. creation of new heavens and earth;

13. everlasting reign of righteousness.

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