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May 9th, 2008

Debbie passed away yesterday morning from cancer. This website will remain online indefinitely per her wishes.

- Jason Fenech

September 7, 2007

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and let you know that the Lord Jesus continues to carry me through these ‘light afflictions’ with grace, joy and peace. I also want to give a special thank you to Richard Coombes for posting the information regarding this latest cancer issue on www.aoreport.com.

On June 25 the cancer metastasized for a second time in less than a year, literally filling my spinal cord with seed tumors, resulting in complete loss of feeling and paralysis for the lower 2/3 of my body. I spent three weeks in the hospital where I was told I would not walk again, with treatment I would probably live another four months, and I needed to get my affairs in order. This was very hard on my kids (they lost their dad fourteen months ago), but we have talked about it, we are praising the Lord for the blessings as they come, and we are walking this path together.

The first two weeks in the hospital were spent on the oncology floor receiving radiation and chemotherapy. The third week I was moved to rehab and was in therapy three hours every day. This old lady who will ‘never walk again’ is becoming graceful (not!! - lol) at using the wheel chair, and I have a walker that lets me get into tight spaces. WALKING!! One or two new doctors are looking at me with amazement - and I have this great big grin. I was discharged from the hospital a week ago and, praise the Lord, rehab techs are coming to the house and I am regaining strength and beginning to regain feeling in my legs.

Someone wanted to know if I might be under judgment because I am a pretribber (lol). I am not under judgment, but this is the road the Lord has for me as his coming draws nearer and nearer. He reminds me that even though there are a lot of what are probably prophetic fulfillments occurring all over this world daily, and it is definitely okay to monitor those events, my eyes are to be fixed on him because his coming surely draws near, and this is the thing I have lived for and anticipated for the past twenty-five years. As I tell the Lord every day, I want to go home - the FUN way. Many times just looking at the sky causes laughter and joy to rise up - just knowing he could be there, just out of sight, at that very moment.

So, what do you do with cancer for the third time in three years? Well, hats are good, especially if you pin a big fat rose on the hat. It is amazing what the Lord can do with that: just going about life you get a smile from nearly everyone you meet. Often the smile turns into a "hello, how are you, I love your hat," that turns into a conversation regarding how a person can have such a big smile when she’s in cancer treatment, and that turns into the opportunity to witness regarding the grace and love of the Lord Jesus, his soon coming and the need for salvation. During this time in the hospital two were saved and many others gave witness of their salvation. I think it’s possible that some of those needed to have their memories refreshed to remind them who they are and where they are headed, and if the Lord chooses to use me in that way I am ready, willing and able. My goal in life is to be found doing the Lord’s work when he comes, whatever that work might be.

I am not dogmatic regarding the date of the rapture, but it is currently six days until Rosh Hashanah, and it is possible that the rapture will occur on that day (or any day before or after). I am very excited about the possibilities of the next several days. I am looking forward to seeing family members who have gone on before; I look forward to meeting the prophet Daniel and the Apostle John (and many others); and of course I look forward to meeting all of you. (Just so you know, I will be the bald lady dancing before the Lord.) But the main thing is I want to see the face of Jesus, and when I do, I hope to see a smile. I know he will get one from me.

May God bless you all, and again, thank you for the prayers.



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