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If you know me at all, you know that even though I often fail in the "walk", I have been a Christian for quite some time.  I may have witnessed to you, or praised God in your hearing, or maybe all you know of me is that I survived a very aggressive, advanced cancer in 2004.  Maybe you saw me go through treatment with a smile, or maybe you heard me give the glory to God for bringing me through that episode in my life.  It was most assuredly God himself who caused the exact opposite result from what the doctors had expected.  I was expected to worsen and die, but I improved and lived.  I think it's possible that God's reason for this was to produce the website which you are reading right now.  So please, listen up!

I have long believed that we were very near the coming of the Lord, but at about December 21, 2004 I began to feel that we had turned a corner, that we were at most a matter of months from the coming of Jesus to take his own from the earth.  In March 2004 the Passion of the Christ was released, preceded by several weeks of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ being discussed in our daily news reports.  This movie was seen around the world, including in some middle eastern countries where it is against the law to show a depiction of a 'prophet'.  We witnessed four major hurricanes hitting Florida during the fall and at the same time there were typhoons battering Asia.  Mt. St. Helens began to smoke again, and there was talk of a supervolcano rumbling under Yellowstone National Park.  Arafat died, leading to increased expectation of peace in the middle east, and Applied Digital Solutions received FDA approval to begin implanting RFID transponders in people to be used to access medical records.  In October, a group of Jews in Israel reestablished the Sanhedrin.  Then, on December 26, the big one - a 9.+ earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean and a tsunami hit Asia resulting in more than 270,000 deaths within a matter of minutes.  2005 saw the Israeli disengagement from Gaza and the worst US hurricane season ever. Now in 2006, the president of Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear weapons, and he appears to intend to use them against Israel and the USA, and Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Prime Minister who forced the disengagement from Gaza, lies in a coma and has been replaced by Ehud Olmert, an Israeli leader who intends to establish the final borders of Israel, although God himself will have the final word on this.

All of these events are definitely warnings of things to come, the first being the rapture of the Christians. 

If you’re reading these words after the disappearance of millions of people worldwide, then let me start by telling you where we are.  We are with Jesus in heaven right now.  The rapture has taken place and Jesus has called  the church (true believers) out of the world prior to the pouring out of the judgment and wrath of God.  This was not dependent upon what church we went to (or even if we went to church) or on being good people: this was totally due to each one of us having acknowledged our sins, making a personal decision to accept the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf for the forgiveness of sins, and then committing our lives to him.  We expect that those who did not have the mental ability to distinguish good from evil, such as small children and perhaps even unborn babies, have been evacuated along with us.

Let me tell you where we’re not. There will be a great lie about the disappearances of people and this lie will be believed by the world.  I don’t know exactly what this lie will be, but some speculation is that it may have to do with UFO’s or some supposed new weapon, and some may claim that "Mother Earth" has purified herself of those who were holding back the quantum leap in evolution.  Whatever the lie may be, know this: we have been taken to heaven by the Lord Jesus, we knew this was going to happen, and the proof is in the Bible.

I write these words as a warning to you.  Do not be deceived!  The antichrist has or will soon take over the world, most likely through the New World Order or European Union, or whatever they call it in the end. This man will seem to be everything everyone ever wanted in a leader.  Do not be deceived!  The Bible calls him the son of Perdition (ruin, loss).  He will be revealed when he confirms a peace covenant in the Middle East, and he will bring in a unified world, a unified religion, and a common world currency.  He will bring peace to the world, and he will allow Israel to build their temple and worship in it.  However, about 3½ years into his rule he breaks a treaty he has made with Israel and persecutes new Christians and Jews all over the world.

Yes, I said Christians.  There is still a chance for you to turn to God.  God speaks of the tribulation saints in the book of Revelation. These are people who, after the rapture, realize that Jesus died for them, was resurrected from the dead, and is alive today. That Jesus loves them and wants them to be a part of His kingdom.  All you need to do is repent for your sins, accept Jesus into your heart and receive Him as your Lord and savior.  Here’s how.

I urge you to make the decision to accept Jesus Christ right this very minute.  The longer you wait, the harder it will become, and if you die without having made this decision you will enter eternal judgment.  The Bible teaches that every person who has ever lived will be resurrected to live eternally.  The only difference is our destination, which will either be heaven to live eternally in the blessing and presence of God, or hell, to be followed later by the lake of fire and separation from God forever.  These are not pleasant words, but this is what the Bible teaches.  God has given us the information and the right to choose - choose wisely.  Jesus loves you, no matter what you may have in your past, and he wants to forgive anything and everything you have ever done and deliver you from hell, but he will never overrule your free choice.  Choose life!

When you see a man in power who, along with his sidekick the false prophet, performs what will appear to be miracles and set up an idol (computer, statue, robot, clone, whatever) in Jerusalem, you will know absolutely that he is the antichrist.  He will require that everyone take his mark and worship him in order to buy or sell.  You must not do this!  Your very soul depends upon it.

If at all possible, store up food, water, and whatever other provisions you can manage to obtain, in preparation for this time. If you reject him and accept Jesus Christ, your life will be in great danger.  You may have to die, but you will have a great reward in heaven. 

The next seven years will be almost hell on earth.  It will be dangerous and most of you, if not all, will die during this period.  Accept the Lord Jesus and you have no need to fear: it will only be the death of your body; you’ll get a better one a little later.

I encourage you to obtain salvation, then find other new believers and make a point to read the Bible together.  You will need to offer mutual support to each other in order to stand in the days to come, and you will need to get educated in the things of God as quickly as possible.

Special note: if you are an American and (hopefully) a believer, you need to take a few minutes and read this page.  If the thesis is correct, and I truly believe it is, America is the endtimes Babylon and as such, it is singled out specifically for destruction toward or at (probably, but not definitely) the beginning of the seven years.  If you hope to live through to the coming of the Lord Jesus, you should begin NOW to make plans to get out of the country.  It could be that Canada, Mexico, and South America will be spared from the destruction.  According to Jeremiah 50:39, Babylon shall no more be inhabited forever.  This is nuclear and it is total.

I encourage you to prayerfully read the documents on this website.  Some of what you will read is speculation based on what could be understood at the time it was written.  The idea is that you will get a jumpstart on what is going to occur beginning now. 

If at all possible, don't get entangled in whatever database system will be used to identify those who remain on earth: in the first few days after the rapture no one will know positively who is missing and who remains.  If at all possible, disappear right now by not being enrolled in whatever census or registration takes place.

The book of Revelation says there is a blessing for those who read it.  Before the rapture many of us made educated guesses regarding the meaning of the book, but because you are on earth, you will see the fulfillment of those prophecies: you will know exactly what the book is saying.

Whoever you are, I have prayed many times that God would give you wisdom and discernment to see and understand the truth as it happens, that he would give you a very quick understanding of the times in which you now live, that he would give you courage, and that he would make a way for you through the dark days ahead.

I love you all very much.  I have prayed for you while I was here on earth, now you must walk out into the future, trusting God to make a way for you every step of the way and keep you in his loving care, steadfast to the end, whatever that end may be for you personally.


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I encourage the reader to be a Berean and search the scriptures for himself to see if these things be so.