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The topic addressed in these articles necessitates addressing several different programs of God and dating them as accurately as possible. So a question arises: does God conduct more than one program at a time? The answer would have to be: yes he does.

In 606 B.C. the Jewish people began to be carried away to Babylon which began the times of the Gentiles as regards the Jewish people, and those times continued until 1948 A.D.: a time period of 2554 years.  In 587 B.C. the times of the Gentiles as regards the city of Jerusalem began and continued until 1967 A.D.: another time period of 2554 years.  You might want to remember that number of years because we will see it again here.

453 B.C. saw the beginning of the countdown of Danielís 70 weeks, and they continued until 30 A.D. when they were suspended at the end of the 69th week. That same year began a period known as the church age, the age of mystery. Here we see both the Jewish age (particularly Danielís first 69 weeks) and the church age occurring during the times of the Gentiles.

1967 saw the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles (which is not the same thing as the Church age). At that time God began to deal again more specifically with the Jews. Has he finished with the Gentiles? Certainly not. I am a Gentile and have been saved since that time. In the same way, Jews were saved during the 1937 years between 30 A.D. and 1967.

Both programs are running during a time period called the final generation. This is the third forty-year period of the 120 years given to Noah: the first having occurred from 1490 to 1450 B.C.; the second from 30 to 70 A.D.; and the last from 1967 through 2007 less a portion of time called a little season which is reserved for the end of the millennium.

Additionally, while all this has been going on, God has also been conducting a program with Satan and other fallen spirits which began when Lucifer was cast out of heaven before the creation of Adam and will not conclude until the end of the little season at the end of the millennium.

During Danielís 70th week God will be dealing particularly with the Jewish people, but others will also continue to become Christians (we see a Ďgreat multitudeí made up of every nation, people, kindred and tongue in Rev. 7).

The New Testament will not become null and void during that time. Because it is the new covenant guaranteed by Jesus (Heb. 7:22), every part of it will be just as true during the tribulation as it is today, including how salvation is obtained, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and salvation causing people to become part of the body of Christ. The difference is that those who have already been resurrected/raptured will be elder (Rev. 4:4) members while tribulation believers will be 'junior' members.

According to Rev. 11:1-2 the last half of the tribulation will also include another times of the Gentiles.

So during the seven years of the tribulation we see the Jewish program, the Christian program, the Gentile program and Satanís program all running simultaneously.

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